HOLDING ELECTRIC CO., LTD. was founded in 1983 with "innovation", "quality" and "patent" being its entrepreneurial spirits. It specialized in both electronics and machinery design. Over the past 30 years, it has been continuously innovating and developing new products, and has obtained more than 120 patents in Taiwan and worldwide. Its products are Holding-originated technology, and manufactured in Taiwan. Each product is delivered under after precision design and strict quality control. We will constantly strive for excellence and provide customers with the best quality and service.




1983 : Chuck Controller & Demagnetizer

This product quality and function have been well proven by many machine tool manufacturers. Our company has become the only professional manufacturer of chunk controller in Taiwan. We have be cooperating with each machine tool manufacturer for OEM, and developed / produced more than 20 specifications. These products have become standard modules in the machine tools.


1985 : Demagnetizers

Started to design and product general purpose demagnetizers. We have now more than 15 models, for parts with different sizes, materials, and shapes. We are still continuously developing professional models such as large demagnetizers and stationary demagnetizing machines.


2000 : Metal Electro Printers & various electronic products

Developing the surface grinder motor controller, metal electro printer, metal electric engraving pen, magnetic field measuring instrument, and other electronic control series products. Started to build self-owned brand products under the brand of Holding.


2001 : Oil Skimmer

  Started to develop oil skimmer for CNC tool machine, which can be installed on the cutting fluid water tank of the CNC tool machine to remove the infiltrated floating oil. We have now six types of models. They are small, easy to install, and have very good oil removing capability.


2002 : The sPINner, Magnetic Deburring & Polishing Machine

A patented innovative product that surpasses traditional grinding methods. We have currently more than 10 series of models with different grinding capacities and functions to meet customers’ need. The sPINner has been sold globally under the brand Holding. We are continuously developing new models towards the goal of intelligence and automatization to provide customers with the best solutions with the most professional products and technical support.


2003 : New Factory Completed

Built a new factory to meet the demand for production capacity, the new factory has an area of ​​1,500 square meters.


2010 : Automated Upgrade

We have successively developed automation and intelligent products related to magnetic grinding machines and demagnetizers.


2015 : HoningEdge, The Magnetic Tools Honing Edge Machine

An innovative product with eight patents awarded. It can quickly remove the burrs and cracks on the tool edges due to tool sharpener. It can make used tools perfect again!


2018 : Development of RFID System for Tools

Combining the innovative technology application of software and RFID chip, we will move towards intelligent tool management.


2019 : Demag-S, The Stationary Demagnetizing Machine

In the past, many large workpieces could not be demagnetized because they are difficult to pass the conventional demagnetizers. Now, with Demag-S, no need to move large workpieces. you only need to place the workpiece on the machine and push one key to complete demagnetization. This technological breakthrough makes the demagnetizer series more complete.