Model : HD-420(AD)
Product Description
  • Special three-phase demagnetization coil design, optimizing the demagnetization performance.
  • Suitable for large-sized workpieces, thick steel plates, & molds.
  • Suitable for materials that are difficult to demagnetize, such as high carbon steel, bearing steel, nickel-chromium steel, spring steel, mold steel, etc. 
  • Demagnetization range 400mm.
  • Demagnetization thickness 60 ~ 70mm.
  • Desktop machine, moving parts on the machine to demagnetize.
  • An Automatic Detection system (HD-AD11) can be installed to automatically detect the approach of the workpiece, and automatically power off if no part is coming.

HD-420(AD) 303 × 508 × 120 mm  AC220V 5.6A 47KG Continuous use
 AC380V 3.2A
Automatic Detection System (HD-AD11)
* Automatic detection the apporaching of parts
* Turn off the power automatically, when there is no part for 10~30 seconds. 
* Full electronic control, very reliable and durable.
* Can save more than 60% of power.