The sPINner has two major effects on the Milling parts.

1.    Deburring

         Removing small burrs on the cutting edges.

         Slightly rounding the sharp cutting edges, make them smooth.

Big or continuous burrs are not able to be removed.


2.    Polishing

         Removing machining marks or scratches.

         Polishing the part into a matte surface.

         Increasing metallic luster.

         Cleaning the parts.

Marks or scratches deeper than 5µm are not able to be removed.


The sPINner can deburr large sophisticated milling workpieces!

Example of Deburring & Rounding Sharp Edges


Example of Rounding Sharp Edgesproimages/GrindingComp/01Milling/投影片02.jpg


Example of Deburring

Example of Removing Machining Mark & Polishingproimages/GrindingComp/01Milling/投影片06.jpg

Example of Removing Scratches & Polishing


Example of Deburring a Large 
Milled Alumninum Panel