The sPINner has the following effects on lathe parts

         Removing small burrs on the drilling holes or cutting slots, the pins are small and can reach every corner.

         Removing small burrs on the threads. The threads become very smooth and good for assembly after grinding. Moreover, the accuracy will never be affected.

         Slightly rounding sharp edges and make the parts smooth.

         Polishing the part in to a matte surface, increase metallic luster, and cleaning.

Big or continuous burrs are not able to be removed.


Example of Deburring Drill Holesproimages/GrindingComp/02Lathe/投影片09.jpg

Example of Deburring and Rounding Threads

Example of Deburring Cutting Slots and Rounding Sharp Edges


Example of Deburring a Drill Hole in a V-Slot


Example of Deburring Drill Holesproimages/GrindingComp/02Lathe/投影片13.jpg


Example of Deburring Slots

Example of Polishing, Deburring & Rounding Sharp Edges