The sPINner has the following effects on Extrusion parts

         Extrusion parts are usually cut into different length. On the cutting side, there are many burrs and sharp edges that would hurt user’s hand.
The sPINner can quickly remove the cutting burrs and round the sharp edge slightly. Make the parts smooth.

         The surfaces of the extrusion parts are usually gray and without metallic luster. Usually, there are also many scratches. The sPINner can quickly polish the surface, remove the scratches, and make the surface shine.

Scratches deeper than 5um are not able to be removed.

Example of Deburring & Rounding Cutting Edges

Example of Deburring & Rounding Cutting Edges

Example of Deburring & Rounding Cutting Edges

Example of Polishing the Surface and Removing Scratches